Pennan & Svärdet

Pennan & Svärdet

A magazine and community based around Swedish military history. They needed our help with coping with the current digital shift, to keep up to date and to reach millennials. 

Through extensive research and interviews with current, and old clients we could see a that a trust gap was developing. To stop it we did a complete rebrand where we brought back the roots of Pennan and Svärdet by combining the Swedish colors (blue and yellow) with colors from nature.

The logo is a pen and a sword combined and is made to function both as social media avatars and as headers for magazines. 

We also did a complete re-work on their website where we opened it up instead of having everything behind locks and only for members. All the sales are story driven, there is always an opportunity to buy something featured in the articles. 

– Hampus Wikström, Satasha Wong, Ellinor Ekström